Access-Control Supplier MMTC Introduces Programmable Digital Timer


MMTC Inc., supplier of commercial and residential controls and accessories for the gate and door industry, introduced a multipurpose, programmable digital timer designed for industrial and commercial applications.

mmtc-timer-gates-doors-access-control***The new MMTC-FMD-20L is UL- and CE-certified, and features a micro-controller and CMOS quartz digital timer for operation seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The timer has up to eight programmable cycles per day and permits 56 cycles total per week.

The FMD20L operates at 24V AC/DC. Other models are available for 12V AC/DC and 110V AC applications. The MMTC Digital Timer also has a manual override button to allow programming outside the normal program sequence.

MMTC Inc. is a supplier of residential and commercial garage door and gate controls and accessories. The company has more than 30 years combined experience in design, modification and implementation of controls for the door and gate industries.

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