Clopay Adds Walnut Color to Gallery Collection Ultra-Grain Finish Garage Doors


Clopay introduced a walnut finish to its Gallery Collection Ultra-Grain lineup of residential garage doors. The color is designed to complement the deep, rich color becoming increasingly popular on entry doors and other exterior stained-wood products. The shade also complements Clopay’s walnut entry-door finish color.

Clopay’s Ultra-Grain painted steel surface simulates a real stained door without the maintenance requirements of wood. The grain runs in two directions, both horizontally and vertically, following the stiles and rails. This detailing, along with the stucco surface texture on the door, provides a more natural looking appearance.

No special maintenance is required to preserve the finish, beyond standard garage door manufacturer recommendations to wash and rinse the surface periodically.

Gallery Collection window frames, grilles and inserts are color matched to coordinate with the walnut color. Complementing walnut stop mold is also available. 

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