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Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell

Building a Professional Door Dealership: Tips to Come Out on Top During the Hiring Process

Posted in Blogs, Staffing, Operations

By Rachel Adams

The backbone of every business is the professional team that stands behind it—your technicians, sales team and staff. Recruiting new players to your team can sometimes be a daunting task—sorting through piles of resumes and cover letters, interviewing countless candidates and making sure your chosen candidate not only has the necessary skills and experience, but also has the attitude and goals that will fit with the company environment and propel your business forward.

What’s the first thing you think about when writing an ad in hopes of recruiting eligible candidates for your door dealership? Experience is a reasonable requirement, you might say. Door dealers need someone who’s familiar with the industry and has the knowledge and skills to get to a jobsite and work effectively without needing weeks of training and guidance.

But is this the most important quality to consider when hiring a new candidate? If your answer is no, then what is and why? When hiring new members for your team, it's important to assemble a list of criteria that will help direct your interviews and pick the candidate that will be the best fit with your company team.  

In this PDD article, international public speaker and author of "No-Fail Hiring," Patrick Valtin, details four criteria to hiring the "top players" for your door dealership. You'd be surprised to know Valtin's top two have nothing to do with experience or skills. He explains that looking for a candidate who has sights on the future, and is interested in conquering challenges is a better indicator of a "top player."

Instead of selling your door dealership to a desired candidate, Valtin suggests being transparent and clear about the challenges your company faces. A top player will be eager for the challenge, whereas a less-desired candidate will shy away.

If you'd like to take a more creative route in finding the perfect employee, take a look at this column by Kevin Daum, "3 Ways to Avoid Hiring Nightmares." Daum offers some refreshingly different approaches to go about hiring new employees. For example, he recommends employers ask candidates to send a joke along with their resume and cover letter. Daum suggests cover letters and resumes can all seem similar in large doses and don't always say much about the person applying. The applicants who don't submit a joke are out of the race right off the bat due to failure to follow instructions. The laughs are an added bonus.

Daum, like Valtin, also recommends being transparent. He says employers should clearly state the downsides of the job in the hiring ad or during the interview. While this may generate fewer applicants, those who are still interested in the job despite the disadvantages will be a better fit.

Regardless of the route you choose, keep your eyes on the final destination—finding a strong player that can contribute to moving your door dealership in the right direction. After that, it's all business.

Rachel Adams is an undergraduate student at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University, where she is focusing her study on print journalism with a minor in Spanish. She will graduate with her bachelor's degree this December. Her passion for writing and culture have made her college experience a fun and challenging journey. During her time at the Cronkite School, Ms. Adams has published articles in “The Arcadia News” and other local online publications.


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