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Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell

App Ready: Why the Benefits of New Technology Outweigh the Costs for Overhead Door Dealers


By Amy Campbell

A few months ago my dad started a new job. It was in the same industry in which he’d been working in for a few decades—remodeling—but his new position came with a new perspective on how he’d perform his job. And it came in the form of technology. My dad’s new boss is very tech-savvy. Smartphones, company videos, tablets, social media—you name it and the guy is all over it.

For my dad, who’s still on the young side of 60, using this technology presented a learning curve. Armed with his new tablet and smarphone, he spent more than few hours becoming familiar on how to work the technology. Next was mastering how to use it during a sales presentation. While there have been some hiccups, his eagerness to embrace this technology has helped him close several sales in just a few short weeks.

For door dealers and access-control professionals, new technology brings both great things and some not so great things. First, it’s a chance for dealers to truly shine in a sales presentation. Rather than being stuck with some pretty brochures or dragging people to a showroom to show off beautiful garage doors, dealers have apps and design centers at their fingertips. They can even take a photo of a customer’s home, plug it into an app and illustrate how the front of the home would look with various door types, colors and even accents. Talk about a chance to upgrade! In the office, technology can help dealers with everything from tracking inventory and scheduling to troubleshooting on the job.

Download this free Whitepaper from Garaga and learn how to incorporate new technology tools into your door dealership.Unfortunately, with the good always comes the bad. In this case, it’s cost and training. Let’s address training first. Door dealers eager to learn new technology tools will ultimately find the experience rewarding. But not all staff in a dealership is going to embrace new technology. There will be instances of sales people, technicians, office staff or even an owner who simply likes the old way of doing things. So how do you get them (or yourself) on board? Just like you do with your customers, you need to show them the perks. To learn how technology can help your dealership improve operations, close more sales and set yourself apart from competitors, download this free whitepaper by Garaga Inc.

As to the cost of today’s technology, there’s no easy answer. Yes, tablets and smartphones come with a price tag—particularly if you want to outfit your entire or even a small portion of your staff. Let’s face it, data packages aren’t cheap, neither is the equipment. In this case, however, the benefits often outweigh the costs. In a recent PDD poll, respondents said smartphones were an important technology tool in the operation of their dealership. In the No. 2 spot was mobile apps, followed by garage door design centers or simulators.

What steps is your door dealership taking to become more tech-savvy? Are you using smartphones and tablets on the job? Does your company have a video on your website or YouTube? Share your story by posting a comment below or send me an e-mail,


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