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Apple Sells Excitement, So Can Garage Door Dealers


By Herb Gross

How long has it been since you looked at your showroom with a critical eye? Conversely, how long has it been since you walked into some of America’s most popular retailers to find out what makes them successful?

Competing in today’s marketplace is tough and it is ever changing. To see how one of the most successful companies in the world is dealing with competition, I suggest you visit an Apple store. Notice how many people are there as compared with other retailers in the same location. There are lots of ideas you can borrow from Apple that will help you make your garage door showroom more successful. Here are a few.

Wow factor. Walk into an Apple store and the wow factor captures your imagination. The store is filled with large computer screens, exciting visuals, music is playing and people of all ages are trying a variety of products. You can’t help but get involved in the excitement. Notice how the surrounding stores have only a few customers or are empty.

The blue shirts. It’s easy to spot people who work in an Apple store. They’re all wearing blue shirts and they’re eager to help you. Upon entering the store, you’ll be asked if you have an appointment. If you have questions, you can call in advance to see an expert. They’re eager to answer questions, share information, solve problems and make it easy and fun to buy their products.

Excitement. Apple has found the key to success. There are lots of electronic manufacturers that sell equipment, but Apple sells fun. It just so happens that you need to buy an Apple product to enjoy the fun. Apple sells its products by using music, video, color, ease of operation, quality and fun. Once you buy an Apple product you’ll want more.

They are not the lowest price. You’ll pay more for an Apple product, but consumers are lined up to buy. When Apple comes out with a new product, people are waiting in line before the store even opens. Apple has proved that people are willing to pay more for the right product.

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