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How to: Deal With a Rude, Negative Employee

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In this world exists rude, negative people. Which means, in several workplaces, are rude, negative people. These kinds of employees can be spotted by their behavior: they are usually complaining, they have little respect for others (including co-workers and bosses), they feel the universe owes them a huge debt and they are usually very vocal in their negativity, to name a few characteristics.

Miserable and frustrated is the manager who must deal with the rude, negative employee. Not only does this employee emotionally wear you down by creating mountains out of the simplest requests, but he diminishes the morale of the whole office because he “gets away with it.” Perhaps you’ve tried to approach this employee before to ineffectual – or even disastrous – results. So, what’s a manager who wants to keep the peace do? Here are some tips from writer Rob Yeung:

• Change won’t happen overnight. Be prepared to work at the issue – but only as long as the employee shows improvement.

• Get a third perspective. You don’t necessarily have to bring in another employee on this. Simply think back on the last confrontation or issue, and replay it in your mind as a third-party observer -- not yourself. If someone were watching the events unfold, what would they think and how would they describe the conflict?

• Thinking in this third party way can help you talk about the issue without accusatory language when it comes time to discuss the issue: “I noticed we have a problem with our communication styles, and it’s causing friction between us.”

• Invite the employee to tell “his side.” Let him vent, get anything off his chest – and do not interrupt or defend. Then take a break – overnight if you want to – to think about what was said and how to re-approach the situation.

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Source: How Do I Earn Respect

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