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Company Profile: Gaudet’s Aluminum Ltd.


Gaudet’s Aluminum Ltd. has been specializing in various aluminum products since 1989. Products such as aluminum awnings, railings, patio covers, carports and an assortment of sunroom styles remain a very important part of its day-to-day business. In 1998, father-and-son owners, Francois and Germain Gaudet, looked to diversify their product lines by exploring a somewhat different line of interest — the garage-door industry. More specifically, the pass-door feature as it pertained to what they believed would be an ever-growing segment of the industry. There was no doubt in their minds that their experience with aluminum, along with their great attention to detail, would equal success in creating a product that would come to be respected, well-known and highly soughtafter in the garage-door industry. That product and feature has come to be known as the WalkThru Garage Door.

The Belly Crawl

As with any new product line, the speed of progress came at a rather slow pace, one that could be described as a “slow belly crawl.” The little time and resources that were available to the company were directed toward the study and development of their newest interest. A specific area in the shop was dedicated to manufacturing the WalkThru Garage Doors. Remembering that “if it’s easy, everyone would be doing it,” the owners pushed along, learning more every day as they continued to serve their local markets of Windsor, Ontario, Canada and the surrounding communities.

Up On One Knee

The interest grew to a point were the progress could be described as a “crawl up on one knee.” This growth necessitated a move to a slightly larger facility where an even greater area could be dedicated to the WalkThru product.

The Gaudets’ perseverance and confidence in their WalkThru feature did not go unnoticed from the industry’s manufacturers – including a call from Richards-Wilcox Canada. Germain Gaudet recognized the great opportunity in being asked to create a WalkThru Garage Door using the R-W product. Together, Gaudet’s Aluminum and R-W provided a product for some very unique projects not only in North America, but also around the world.

Up on Both Knees

The word was beginning to quickly spread about this unique product. Soon, Gaudet’s received a similar phone call from Garaga. Garaga was looking to improve their present pass-door feature, and had become familiar with the WalkThru Garage Door through dealer word-of-mouth and expo exhibits. It was yet another break, and the WalkThru feature was also made to be adaptable to many of Garaga’s product lines.

Gaudet’s Aluminum again needed to relocate in order to support the interest in the WalkThru Garage Door. All the while, the company continued to manufacture and install the same products that have allowed the Gaudet’s to fund and develop the new lines.

On Both Feet

Gaudet is sure to give credit to the company’s small but dedicated craftsmen. Their combined efforts have not only allowed Gaudet’s to satisfy the needs of the larger manufacturers on a repetitive basis, but also have given the company the ability to create some very unique and interesting products.

“We have yet to encounter a design request that, with just a little modification, could not be built,” says Germain Gaudet. Along with the standard WalkThru Garage Doors in various styles, including the wood-faced custom door, Gaudet’s has also developed a full-view WalkThru Garage Door. And their most recent adaptation was to create a FrenchPorte with a WalkThru feature.

Gaudet’s has managed to set itself apart in the industry. It is the company’s belief that many garage-door professionals could do the same by adding the WalkThru Garage Door to the list of products they make available in their market places. Gaudet’s has the systems in place to serve the industry and should they be faced with more challenges, they have proven that they have the ability to overcome. Gaudet’s Aluminum Ltd. will continue to remain focused on expanding its awareness in the industry and to the general market place. They will also ensure that their industry clients continue to be served with high-quality products and timely shipments. The company will remain ready to assist other manufacturers as well.

For more information on Gaudet’s Aluminum Ltd. and the WalkThru Garage Door, visit or call 888.239.3416.

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